Wetstern Wall Web Cam Online

On our page you can see a webcast of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Web cams are placed so that you could see everything happening at the Wailing Wall on-line. We wish you pleasant viewing the Wailing Wall on-line.

The place you can see online is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall or the Western Wall is a sacred place, where thousands of pilgrims of different religions come to pray. The Wailing Wall is inalienable part of many Israel tourists’ excursions as well as from nearby countries. Such large influx of tourists at the Wailing Wall you can watch on-line in a spring-and-fall period. It is exactly the time while a tourist, a pilgrim or any other person can commit his/her cherished desire to paper and place it between the stones of the wall.

Webcams enable you to watch what is going on at the Wailing Wall 24 hours a day. On video you can see a fence dividing prayers into two parts – the left part of the wall is intended for the men, and the right one is for the women. At the wall there are chairs and chaise longues for elderly people. If they are tired they can take a sit or be shaded from the midday heat. People wishing to visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, but who do not want to be in the crowd in the broiling sun can watch on-line a period of the least influx of tourists and pilgrims. The Wailing Wall online is an online resource in Jerusalem enabling you to touch to the sacred place remotely.

We wish you a pleasant pastime; let Your desires always come true!