«Faith without works is dead…

…turn from evil, and do good; seek peace, go after it!».

Old Testament

Each and every note and petition placed into the Western Wall brings hope not only to those who send them, but also to those, who need some real help. It’s an old tradition for pilgrims who visit Wailing Wall in Jerusalem to make charity donations to the poor, sick and needy. We keep with the tradition and donate part of the funds paid for the note sending to the charities.

Each of us can do good works and help those who need, endow funds on good purpose. An internet-project sends your contribution on:

- Treatment and rehab for the cancer kids;

- Targeted help to families coping with difficult life circumstances;

- Helping talented orphans and poor kids.


Or use your own amount of donation with:


Kids’ illness is always heartbreaking for their parents! We try hard to help our kids to communicate, to play together, and to get adequate education and good jobs… Each of them represents a personality with their inner world and kind and open kids’ hearts. Each of these kids has right to be happy.

Kids are looking to be helped —

Help us to fulfill their dreams

Each note sent to the Western Wall online represents real help to the needy!