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I did not even notice when I became an alcoholic. All started with the first drink, feasts on holidays, and ended with alcoholism. I lost everything – job with a good salary, respect of colleagues and friends, family. My wife, tired of carrying me for all drug treatment hospitals, left me and took the children. The treatment didn’t give effect. I continued to drink. And one day my friend offered me to go with him to a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He was a deeply religious man, unlike me, who did not deny God, but especially did not believe. A friend paid my airline tickets to Israel in both ends. A visit to Jerusalem, as the capital of all the religions of the world, made wonder with me.
Combined prayer with my friend, the note (in which I asked the Lord about getting rid of addiction), attached between the stones of the Western Wall, did their job. After returning from Israel, I stopped drinking. The year after I restored relationships with lost people, I got a good job. And the most important thing was that my wife and children came back to me!

Thanks, Alex

The trouble has happened in the life of my family. A malignant neoplasm was found in the organism of my father. The diagnosis “cancer of the stomach” sounded like a death sentence. Doctors refused to do the operation and gave to understand that we could hope only for a miracle. We decided to go to Israel. There, in cancer clinic, a successful operation was made. The tumor was removed. But I think that it was the help not only of the skilful surgeons. I also had gone to Jerusalem and had prayed at the Western Wall for the healing of my father. In the wall note I had asked the Lord for successful operation and health for my father. I think, according to the results of the operation, my prayer was heard.

Thank you for your help and participation. Helen

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the only hope for all who are cast down! I considered myself to be such a person throughout my entire life. All I remember from my childhood is pain and bitterness. I thought I could never get rid of those memories. No loyal friends, and no stable relationships. I had such a deep feeling of loneliness and despair. Is there anyone in this world who could love me and be faithful to me? Thanks to the Western Wall, I have finally met the man and found peace and happiness for my soul!

Albina, Maryland

Two years ago I had everything… I graduated from LawUniversity and got a job at the private law office. Suddenly something unexpected tool place in my life. During my business trip to another city (a court case) I had a phrenoplegy fit. Instead of ending up in the court room, I ended up in nut hospital being treated for persecution mania and delirium. I cannot even remember how I got there. Thanks to my friends I was not sent to the state hospital, otherwise they would always treat me as a nut…

I lost my job. My coworkers would not wish to deal with me any longer and some of them even were afraid of me. I have been taking tranquilizers for a whole year. I had to get regular medical treatment and had no financial support. I got into debt. They got me believing I was going nuts. And there is no way out for me! My close friend who supported me in my difficult situation has found this site and asked me to make a petition. She covered all the expenses because I had no money to even pay for the note. I have asked God to help me for the whole year – to help me out of this situation, because my life was a ruin… Presently I have not been taking drugs for six months; neither do I attend doctor’s office. I live a full life. Recently I got a new job in another company. So, I tell everyone – keep on believing no matter what, keep on praying and send your petitions to Him. He will hear you!

Denis, Cincinnati
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