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My name is John and I had real trouble in my family. My marriage was falling apart and I had no idea what to do about it. It was a real distress for me. I had no more hope in people, so I decided to send a note to the Western Wall.
I have used this service and indeed I am very happy with the results. Amazingly but things have started to fall in line; my marriage is no longer on the verge of disaster. I feel that the Amazing Presence is working in my life and in the life of others in my family and now I got hope for things to go well. Thank you God and thank you for your helpful service.


My name is Marry. I am glad I have found your service here. I know this thing truly works. I have visited Israel several years ago and I have left the note in the Wailing Wall with my petition. I had only one wish – to get well, as I had asthma. That is what I have written in my note and left it in the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Of course, you do have to have the faith in God for Him to help you. For me sending this note was like doing something real to release my faith. And God answered my petition. Presently doctors can explain what happened to my condition. I have no more asthma fits and no more difficulty breathing. So, I plan to send another note through your company, as I am not planning a new trip to Jerusalem any time soon.


A year ago I had some real hard time in my life… Domestic problems, financial hardships, health problems, quarreling with relatives… I had to make a difficult choice. I had no moral strength to make that decision. I sent the note to the Western Wall through this site with only one petition to the Lord: help me make that decision… In few weeks I have clean forgotten about my note and kept relying on myself alone. The miracle was on the way. The situation got solved on its own and in a very unexpected and positive way! I am so thankful to the Creator for His intervention and help!

Sincerely, Victoria

I am a citizen of the world by my convictions. I can attend a temple, Roman Catholic Church, masjid, synagogue… I believe He hears our prayers from any place. Only you need to pray sincerely with all your soul. I have a very special attitude for the Western Wall. In 1999 my ex wife and I were grieved by the infertility diagnose. I took a five years treatment course, but my wife could not wait and left me. I am not to blame her. It would have been worse for her to stay. I came down to the very bottom – got divorced, lost my job – life has given me another chance and I jumped at it. One of my schoolmates immigrated to Israel ten years ago and he invited me to come over. I did go… It was my first trip abroad. I experienced cultural shock and excitement. I have visited all the relicts and sites of Israel. My friend has told me the story of the Western Wall. I was not a believer. But this wall creates special energy sensations. It is hard to resist it. I wrote my prayer note… The time has passed and my friend has passed away. My life has dramatically changed. In a year I met my second wife Larisa. In another year against all the medical predictions we got our first daughter Lana!!! This was a true miracle for both of us. Now my life is so different. Sometimes I recall the past events. Israel is a beautiful land at any season of the year. We cannot go there until our daughter grows up. But today I have sent another note to the Western Wall. I wrote “THANK YOU” there. Live with faith and He will not leave you!

Thank you for the miracle!
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