Pilgrimages to Jerusalem

Туры в Израиль

A trip to the Holy Land is a special event for each believer. Here is the motherland of three of the greatest world’s religions and people come here to obtain peace and balance in their hearts, to strengthen their faith, to find their purpose in life and to find answers for many key questions. Pilgrimage to Israel allows tourists to see all the cultural and spiritual riches of the Holy Land. Beauty and ancient strength of these lands fascinate and transform the souls of those, who touch it.

Jerusalem pilgrimage: what are the key sites to see?

Old city of Jerusalem is the world’s storage place for relicts and architecture sites. Most tours take you to visit such sites as:

  1. Western Wall (Wailing Wall) – this is the ruin of the Second Temple, located on the side of the Temple mount;
  2. Holy Sepulture Church – according to the Scriptures this church is located on the crucifixion, burial and resurrection place of Jesus Christ. Each year during the Orthodox Easter season this church has the event of the descending of the Holy Fire.
  3. Gornensk Russian orthodox nunnery located at the former home of John the Baptist parents;
  4. Christmas church in Bethlehem;
  5. Jesus Christ baptism location at the Jordan river;
  6. Temple mount, located at the south-east part of the old Jerusalem city;
  7. Golgotha – the place where Christ was crucified;
  8. Nazareth and Bethlehem.

You can visit these and many other relicts on your tour to Jerusalem!



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